Old Man Strength - Behind The Brand

Old Man Strength - Behind The Brand

Born in 2015 Old Man Strength found its roots in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where Co-founders Chris & Matt formulated the idea to launch a range of apparel giving older athletes a brand which represented who they are – strong older guys still getting after it on the mats. But why a Bull? And what’s with the Russian writing?

This is also where the OMS spirit animal, the bull, was conceptualised. Stemming an inside joke with the older grapplers who used to say *insert Russian accent* “Ah you are strong like a bull.” And so, the bull logo with “strong like a bull” in Russian was born.

As the brand has grown, we have morphed to encompass all older athletes regardless of their sporting discipline. Fundamentally, if you are older and still moving forward, this is the brand for you.

Thanks for joining the community and representing the OMS values of never giving up and always moving forward.

Chris and Matt - Co-founders